7 Outfit Tips to Stay Comfy and Relaxed If You’re Still Working from Home

Last updated on April 7th, 2024 at 11:33 pm

You can still be presentable for that online meeting without having to wear your full in-office attire.

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It’s been over a year since our lives turned upside down and we’re basically stuck at home. While some industries started opening up their doors to workers and customers, many of us are still working remotely. In case you’re one of the people stuck at home, you might need some tips on how to look presentable yet comfy and relaxed during all those Zoom meetings and long sessions in front of the computer.

Stock up on Comfy Staples

The best part of working from home is all the comfort you get to enjoy. While you need to wear blazers, pants and heels to the office, you can easily get away with a cozy knit cardigan, basic cotton t-shirt and stretchy jeans.

Make sure to pay attention to fabrics when choosing your comfy staple pieces and opt for cotton, linen and wool which stay fresh and comfortable all day long. Stock up on these basics because they will be the foundation for most of your looks in the morning.

Summer Dresses

If you want a piece of clothing that’s transformative to the bone, look no further than sundresses. First of all, it takes minimal effort and time to put them on, and they make you look like you tried hard to get all dressed up.

They are also perfect for the upcoming heat, comfortable for sitting down for hours and make you look put together in literal minutes. If you struggle to get out of your PJs in the morning, stock up on summer dresses. Plus, you’ll have all those selfie opportunities without having to go through your entire beauty routine!

Brighten up Your Day with Some Color

Most cozy pieces come in neutral colors like white, black, gray, beige and similar. While they are very relaxing, they won’t do much to uplift your spirit. If you want to evoke fun, happiness and energy every time you join a Zoom meeting, add some bold colors to your look and stand out. Reds, yellows and greens will pop off the screen and brighten up everyone’s mood.

Invest in Cozy Slippers

Here’s a tip that’s worth more than any: take good care of your feet. Invest in some cozy slippers and you will not only have all the comfort throughout the day but also keep your feet protected from scratches, dehydration and exposure.

Your best option is a pair of fluffy sheepskin slippers that match absolutely any outfit and any occasion. You will love the comfort they provide, but they are also extremely stylish, so you can wear them to grab your mail or even make a quick run to the store. They also go well with PJs, jeans, summer dresses and everything in-between. These are natural, green, eco-friendly and stylish—a full combo!

Don’t Avoid Activewear

The weather is heating up, so your sweatpants might be a little uncomfortable. In that case, opt for plain black leggings that provide all the comfort and can be matched with many pieces to look a little more elegant and elevated.

If it’s really hot where you live, bike shorts are very popular right now, so keep that in mind. And your activewear might even motivate you to make wellness a priority in self-isolation and do a short workout between emails!

Add One Polished Piece to the Look

Sure, we’re aiming for comfort, but who says comfort can’t be chic! Add just one elegant item, and you’ll instantly look polished and professional while enjoying all the benefits of remote work.

Here’s an example: throw a blazer over a basic white tee and you’ll look great and feel comfortable spending the day working from your chair. Also, a cozy cardigan looks amazing thrown over a simple summer dress. Mix high with low pieces and you’ll achieve a great look every time.

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Finish with Accessories

If you think your outfits are a little too boring, you can easily inject some personality into them without any effort. For instance, if you just add a silk scarf to your shirt and jeans look, it will instantly get transformed into an office-perfect outfit that’s chic, polished but also comfortable. A touch of bling can also make you look and feel more finished, and most jewelry items won’t cause any discomfort while working.

You can mix comfort and elegance without any issues. Keep these tips close, and next time when you don’t know whether to work in your PJ’s or get dressed up, you’ll certainly choose the latter and look more professional.

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