The Ultimate Carport Guide for 2021

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In this post by Steel and stud, we look at how to create that perfect carport in 2021.

The Ultimate Carport Guide for 2021

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A carport is a highly versatile, multi-purpose shelter. It’s one of the top home trends to watch out for right now. It can do so much more than just protect your vehicle. You can use it as a space for all your creative projects and even for storing a lot of extra stuff.

Carport Guide

Picking The Right Carport Size

Height-wise, a carport should be less than or equal to the unit width. That’s because if, let’s say, there’s a car which is 12 feet wide – there’s no way it can be more than 12 feet tall. Most likely, it’s going to be shorter than that.

With that said, most US customers feel that a 14 feet height is more than enough. But, you should take time to figure out a height that works for you. Because too tall of a carport could also be bad. They fail to protect other items as they create plenty of room for rain, wind, sunshine, and hailstorms to pass through. They also cost more.

So, how can you be sure your carport is the right height? Let’s say that you have a 5-foot tall car, then a maximum of an 8-foot carport will be good enough. If you own a motorcoach or an RV trailer, things could get a little tricky. However, you don’t always need to go for a 14-foot high carport. You could go for a style that is taller in the middle and slightly shorter on the sides to adjust to a huge trailer.

Carport Length

After ascertaining the height and the width of your car, you need to think about the length of your carport. Ideally, how much should it be? For that, you need to think about what you plan on parking. However, that’s not enough.

You must also think about leaving some extra room for added protection from rain, sun, hail, and other weather elements. In most cases, it’s good to leave at least 5 feet of extra space other than the length of your vehicle.


A strong and sturdy frame is important for your carport. In the absence of a strong frame, it will be difficult to tolerate aggressive winds. So, always go for corrosion and rust-resistant frames. Ideally, you should go for frames made from galvanized steel.

Cover Material

The most durable carport cover materials are polycarbonate and polyethylene. For homeowners who live in areas that tend to have a ton of snowfall, you must look for cover materials made from metal stud. But, remember, during extremely harsh weather conditions, even the strongest of carports could collapse and bend.

Best Carports

Carports With or Without Rails

You’ll notice that your typical carport does not come with walls. Most of these structures will bend and wrap slightly over and down the edges. However, the distance they cover coming down is only slight. 

This is called an open carport which serves just fine for most purposes. However, if you plan on having additional layers of protection, then you could always add walls to either one or more than one side.

It’s possible to have a fully enclosed carport but then it would be less carport and more a garage. You can also go with customized designs such as those with windows, roll-up doors, and more.

Specialty Carports

Some of the most common specialty carports are:

  • RV carport – As obvious, this particular type of carport is meant for parking an RV. The sides are particularly tall to accommodate the huge vehicles that RVs are.
  • Lean-tos – This particular carport is meant to stand right next to the building on your home to create the illusion of covered storage/parking.
  • Barns – These are open-side buildings. They can be closed as well. Most of these have ample sheltered space. Barns are ideally used for storing hay and agricultural equipment all through the seasons.
  • Steel Carports – Your typical garage or carport could be made from several kinds of materials. However, the most common and the sturdiest one happens to be steel. Steel is a far better choice than wood, plastic, or fiberglass. In most cases, it’s better to avoid wood as wood is vulnerable to decay and damage by pests.
  • Utility Carport Sheds – A utility carport is an ideal solution when you need a perfect storage space with dynamic needs. Traditionally, they are used for purposes like storing multiple vehicles, gardening equipment, lawn equipment, etc. These come in an endless variety of styles. So, you should explore your options first.

Carports come in all kinds of styles and varieties. When shopping for one, make sure to keep an open mind. Don’t think of these as something that is going to house only your vehicle. There’s so much you can do with these. 

These are highly versatile things where you can store a lot of things and perform myriad activities. In the end, you must shop with a reliable supplier.

Bottom Line

Are you someone who has a lot of hobbies? Do you regularly engage in arts and crafts? Do you have a passion for creating a lot of DIY projects? Perhaps you need extra room for storing lawn equipment or even holiday decoration? With an intelligently designed carport, you can do all that and more.

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