How Your Head is Groomed Reflects the Statement You are Sending the World

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Portland barber, Jeffrey Arvel, provides skin care tips for those of us who've taken the bald approach to life (whether by choice or not). Your head isn't just another thing to rub soap on.

How Your Head is Groomed Reflects the Statement You are Sending the World

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Intentional or not, how your head is groomed shouts out a message about you. Stereotypes about men and their hair, or lack thereof, remain alive and thriving in all of us. Come on, admit it, human nature and curiosity drive our opinions. When it comes to men’s heads, we all hold sentiments that influence our view of the man under the head. Bald heads can be a result of nature, choice, or a combination thereof. How that bald head is groomed determines our perception of its owner.

Grooming products designed for bald heads include everything you need to make a fabulous impression. Everything from an understated, elegant pate to a bald head sporting a glow-in-the-dark tattoo can be achieved with the right grooming tools. Read this article about moisturizers for bald head to discover skin that feels comfortable and appears outstanding. There is a misconception that once you decide to go bald no further decisions are required. Oh no, my friend, you have now become a power player in the bold, bald world. First up, do yourself a favor and learn a few basic techniques for scalp health.

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Learn to Embrace Shampoo and Break the Soap Habit

Prior habits notwithstanding, plan to clean your scalp with a small amount of shampoo on a daily basis. Oils, sweat, dust, and dirt build up on your scalp even when it’s not visible. Shampoo is designed not only to maintain hair but also to ensure the scalp is not exposed to harmful chemicals. Even if shampoo was not a priority before, do not yield to the familiar temptation to use plain old soap. Substituting soap or body wash typically leaves you with a dry, itchy head. Furthermore, it leaves you with a scalp that is prone to skin flaking or dandruff. Rinse your scalp thoroughly with water. This allows the shampoo to lift the oil and dirt from your skin and ensures no soapy residue remains.

Introduce Moisturizing Conditioner to Your Scalp

After rinsing, apply a dab of moisturizing conditioner and massage it into your scalp. If you are prone to dry skin and dandruff, a moisturizing conditioner may become your new best friend. Conditioner can be rinsed immediately or after a few minutes, depending on your preference and skin. There are moisturizing conditioners available that do not require rinsing. They can be applied and left on your scalp. Leave-in conditioners can be especially beneficial to people with certain medical conditions. Generally, most users rinse off all residual moisturizing conditioner while showering.

Meet Skin Moisturizer – Your New Best Friend

Once your scalp is clean, it is time to apply the magic touch to the crowning glory atop your head. You may notice that your head does not feel tight and dried out. Your fingers are not digging into your scalp trying to alleviate the usual itching that becomes unbearable. Even more astounding, the flaking skin and dandruff are missing from your head. Now it is time to apply the magic touch of skin lotion. Sources such as GQ tout the importance of applying moisturizer for optimal maintenance of your bald head.

Skin moisturizer is also important if you’re sporting a clean-shaven face with your bald look. For a more manly shave, consider using a good straight razor instead of those wimpy disposables.

It is important to choose a moisturizing product that is free of dyes or scents. Although scented lotion may be tolerated perfectly well on the skin such as your hands, it is not recommended for your scalp. The skin on your head is more likely to feel and look dry and flaky if not properly moisturized. Gently rub the moisturizing cream or lotion over your entire scalp. Your head should feel like it is covered with the finest leather that is buttery soft to the touch.

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Tips for Keeping Your Tip-Top Bold Look

Factors such as personal preference will help you determine the best scalp moisturizing products for the appearance you want to present. An important one is whether to sport a bald appearance that is shiny or matte. Both styles boast their advantages, so remember that you are not locked into either one permanently. Ask your Barber or Hair Stylist for further recommendations on moisturizers that will best present a shiny or matte finish to your bald head.

Avoid Hazards to Living a Long, Bold, Bald and Healthy Life

No matter what your final preference may be, it is vital that sunscreen is included during your final preparations. Many moisturizers already contain sunscreen that will protect your head from dangerous UV rays. If you are not using a product supplemented with a sunscreen SPF of at least 30, it is imperative to add it and apply liberally to your scalp and neck.

WebMD highlights some important health issues with bald heads. Wearing sunscreen is a precaution you do not want to overlook. Sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 should be applied daily. A hat will also protect your bare scalp if headgear is your preference. Remember, protecting your skin should be a daily routine. Regardless of the season, the opinion of the local weather experts, or your bum knee predicting high chances of rain, do not risk leaving your bare scalp and skin unprotected. The worst sunburns can happen on cloudy days. Include bare skin protection such as sunscreen or a hat in your daily routine. Don’t forget to reapply sunscreen periodically, especially after heavy physical exertion, swimming or bathing.

Congratulations on your decision to sport the timeless, bold bald expression. Armed with these grooming habits you can face the world with total confidence. Your groomed scalp is a key advantage to projecting your ideal image to the world.

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