How to Grow a Beautiful Flower Garden

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A garden can be an amazing place for relaxation & reflection. Here's how to grow one.

How to Grow a Beautiful Flower Garden

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Even though gardening is known to be therapeutic, if you don’t know what you are doing it can easily become overwhelming. There are so many different types of flowers you can choose and that much more ways to combine them. You have to realize that this takes patience as it can be made in a short time

The best way to ensure that you create an amazing flower garden is by starting small and building it up. Experiment and find what style of flower gardens you like and what works best for the conditions you have in your yard. To ensure you do everything right, here is how to grow your own beautiful flower garden.

Everything Has A Right Time and Place

The first question you should ask yourself is what the flowers you picked out like, sun or shade. Once you have done your research, it is time to start arranging them in spots that work best for them and in a way, you like them.

Plants that like to be in the sun should be planted in the open while those who like the shade should be planted in spots where they will have enough shade. Depending on the type of flower it will depend on how sunny or shady the spot needs to be, and in order for it to thrive, you have to provide it with the best spot possible.

Dig the Soil

Having a beautiful flower garden has to start with having good quality soil. In most scenarios, plants thrive best in soils that are loose and well-drained that also contain a lot of organic materials in it. There doesn’t need to be a large area dug up to plant the flowers, but they need to be big enough that you can add some compost to the soil structure to improve it. You should work the soil to a depth that is at least 6 inches deep.

Another important thing is to avoid digging soil when it’s wet so you prevent compaction. That is because plants need to have a certain amount of space in the soil so their roots can grow freely. The best way to test if the soil is dry enough is to squeeze it into a ball and throw it on to a hard surface like pavement. If the ball stays together the soil is too wet and you should wait for it to dry, but if it shattered it is ready.

Time to Plant Your New Flowers

Once you have your arrangement in place and you have tested your soil, it is time to plant your flowers. Every plant needs to be planted in their way, and there is a difference when you are planting flowers from seeds and when you are planting them from the nursery. That is why you need to specifically follow the rules you plant or seeds come with.

When you are planting potted plants, you should plant them with the soil at the same level as the soil in the pot, unless it says differently on their tag. Some flowers like peonies and irises prefer to have their roots plated really shallow. If you are planting ones that are already in the soil, always make sure that you don’t rip their roots in the process.

Water Them Deeply and Add Some Mulch

Once you have planted your flowers it is time to thoroughly soak the soil. Garden flowers usually need one to two inches of moisture every week to thrive, so you need to water them if they don’t receive enough rain. It is best to water them deeply and less frequently than watering them shallow and often. To make things easier for yourself make sure you have equipment like an automatic hose reel. To avoid waterlogging your soil and drowning your flowers make sure you add some mulch.

Don’t Forget to Deadhead and Groom Your Flowers

As your beautiful flowers have started blooming it is time to cut them and make cute bouquets with them. Cutting off blossomed flower heads will encourage your plant to put more energy into its foliage and get ready for winter time. Some flowers such as dahlias will bloom again once you remove the blooms. It is also very important that you help your flowers and take off any old dead leaves.

Not a lot of flower gardens are made out of just flowers on their own. Things like shrubs and trees will give your garden more life and structure. To get a very beautiful garden make sure you plant a variety of colors as well as textures. When you are combining different elements, you are creating a garden that will hold your interest all year long. In the end, the most important thing is that you are pleased with your garden.

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