How to Instill a Lifelong Love of Exercise

Last updated on October 19th, 2023 at 08:52 pm

Learning to love exercise is a key to sticking with it and maintaining good health.

How to Instill a Lifelong Love of Exercise

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If you want your child to feel good and live a long, healthy life, then they need to love exercise. They need to be active every day. This isn’t just to keep their bodies in shape. It’s to keep their mind and passion alive.

It’s far too easy to slow down and become unfit, especially as other stresses like school or work come into the picture. This might not matter too much in their 20s, but it will take its toll later on.

You want the best for your children, so let them be their best and use these tips to make them love to exercise.

Combine it with Adventure

Biking, hiking, swimming, kayaking – all of these can be combined with adventure and are perfect for helping your child develop an equally healthy love for the outdoors and for nature. What’s more, is that many of those sports can be enjoyed in cities as well as in the wilderness. This way, you can all enjoy your sport at home and on vacation.

Make it a Time to Bond

You also need to get into shape, so join your kids in their sport. You can opt for a one-on-one approach or have one thing you all do as a family. Either way, it will help your children associate exercise with family, bonding, and fun.

Help Them Develop a Healthy Relationship with Exercise

Exercise needs to become so ingrained in their routine that they enjoy it every day. This is where sports and teams are really beneficial. It applies to individual and team sports alike. Just by having commitments, your kids can stay active, healthy, and can even grow their talents in something that they love. You never know, they may just excel beyond your every expectation.

Foot on soccer ball

Give Them a Future

A love of exercise and a career in sport are two different things, and you will know if your child is heading into the latter early on in their life. If they excel in their sport, if they love it and want to do it every day, if it’s all they can talk about – that is a good candidate. You do need to be careful. Turning passion and talent into a career is hard, and if you push too hard, it can stop being fun and make them want to quit.

A good way to avoid letting your child’s talent go to waste is to get in touch with a university coach on ASM Scholarships. They can guide you and your kid through the process of building their skill set, getting noticed by scouts, and of course, increasing the chances of securing a sports scholarship towards their education. They can even carry on coaching through to their professional career if need be.

Being active throughout your life needs to start when you are young. As a parent, you can do this by encouraging them to be active outdoors, and by supporting them in a sport. If they show promise, you can secure their future by helping them work towards a professional level.


Rylie is freelance writer, fitness blogger, and travel junkie. Originally from Toronto, she currently resides in Lima, Peru but is always on the move to discover new adventures.

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