Is the Coronavirus an Illuminati Conspiracy?

Last updated on October 19th, 2023 at 09:24 pm

Rumors on the Internet abound about the Illuminati connection to the coronavirus... is there anything to it?

Is the Coronavirus an Illuminati Conspiracy?

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I’ve been reading a lot on the internet about how the Illuminati created the coronavirus to help exercise control over humanity and dominate the world. So is there anything to it?

Is The Illuminati Even Real?

First of all, before I dig into this particular topic, let’s get one thing out of the way: The Illuminati are Real. Call me crazy, but there are plenty of signs they all share that indicate there is some type of secret society that runs rampant among the rich & famous. I’ve written about this before, and I’m strong in my convictions.

So with that out of the way, is there a reason to think they had anything to do with the current pandemic? I don’t think so… and here’s why.

Someone Would Leak the Secret

I think it’s safe to say that The Illuminati, if they did create the coronavirus, would have been smart enough to not unleash it on the world unless they had a vaccine or a cure for themselves first. There’s no evidence of either existing, and I believe their numbers are large enough that eventually it would get out.

Conspiracies only work when a limited number of people actually are in the know. The more people who know, the more chance that someone spills the beans. Of course, I’m a conspiracy junkie myself, but that doesn’t believe that I fall for all of them.

Population Control Makes no Sense for a Secret Society

A secret society can only exist and remain secret when their numbers are relatively small compared to the unknowing or ignorant population. If the Illuminati unleashed such a deadly pathogen, they’d literally wipe out a ton of the people who they would normally use as cover to hide their operations.

By lowering the population of non-Illuminati members, the organization would find it more difficult to operate in darkness. It would also likely kill a tremendous number of people that the organization might wish to have as a member at some point in time.

The Real Conspiracy

Now I that you know the reasons why the Illuminati wouldn’t have had anything to do with the coronavirus outbreak, keep in mind that we haven’t been told the entire truth about where this thing came from. Maybe nobody knows for sure – even though they tell us what to think.

I'm a conspiracy junkie. I think information can be deadly. This isn't my real name. Nor is it my real picture. That's how you stay safe. We've all been lied to.

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