Role of Technology in Business Communication

Last updated on October 16th, 2023 at 10:00 pm

Having the right communication tools for your employees and customers is a critical component to your business success.

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One element that is vital to any work environment is business communication. All the greatest companies know how important it is to communicate well with not only employees but also customers.

Like many other aspects of our lives, technology has found its way into business communication as well.  As the years go by, the two have become almost inseparable. Still, many wonder how important is the role of technology in internal and external communication. Let’s try to figure it out together.

Contemporary communication

Real Time Communication

Businesses are based on good internal and external communication. Without this element, they can hardly achieve any success no matter which industry they belong to. Thanks to numerous technological innovations, employees can use highly advanced devices and tools to communicate. Laptops, tablets, and smartphones are replacing regular telephones and fax machines.

There are so many different communication tools available in the market. However, most employers trust the intranet portal to take their business communication to the next level. It has plenty of advantages. First and foremost, it unites all staff under one platform which is especially important for companies with thousands of employees. Secondly, it allows them to work together on projects and assignments and access all relevant corporate documents. Lastly, it fulfills all necessary conditions for a real-time conversation regardless of the employees’ location.

All features are great but the last one proved to be significant during lockdown which forced employees to work from home.

High Security

Technology is constantly progressing and developing. With advances, security also increases. This is especially important for companies that upload their data on some digital storage platform. Only those with the code or the password can access the files. No intruders allowed.

Corporate communication tools follow the same principle. With appropriate encryption, all sent and received messages are available only to those who sent and received them. Other modern gadgets have security software that protects them from any hacker attacks. For this reason, employers who decide to equip their businesses with high-end technology can sleep soundly knowing their correspondence and documents are safe.

Data Security Concept

Environmental Protection

In the 21st century, environmental protection has become a top priority even in the business world. As one of the largest polluters, businesses are trying to turn a new leaf and adopt more eco-friendly policies. This is where modern technology comes into play.

Companies no longer have to print documents and make copies. They don’t even have to use post-it notes anymore. Instead, they can cut back on paper and keep all files in their digital form.

Similarly, all business correspondence and communication can be transferred to platforms such as emails, calls, or employee apps.

Finding different ways to communicate with the help of technology makes the business more eco-friendly. Since this trait is believed to be crucial for business success in the future, employers should start implementing green strategies right away.

Unique Customer Relations

Customers are the major focus of many companies. They do what they can to satisfy their needs with their products and services. That’s why they invest so much in equipment and tools to help them provide one of a kind user experience.

Technology allows them to monitor the behavior of target groups, collect reviews, opinions about products or services, and suggestions. Based on this data, the brand can improve its products to suit customers’ needs better. Also, with innovative communication tools, it can interact with customers more and address their concerns.

These details are what ultimately makes a difference when it comes to creating unique customer relations.

Greater Engagement

Admit it, communication technology tools are more fun than the old fashioned ones. Even when that communication is work-related, it is still more enjoyable and engaging. However, during work, coworkers socialize, interact, and share. That is how healthy relationships among colleagues are created.

Technology facilitates their day-to-day communications and operations. Isn’t it entertaining when someone sends an emoji or a gif through an employee app? It relaxes employees, reminds them how important it is to have fun, and creates a positive and healthy work environment. It takes the stress, frustration, and anxiety away and allows employees to focus on teamwork and completing projects on time.


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