Spring Cleaning: 11 Makeover Tips to Make Your Home Sparkle This Spring

Last updated on November 10th, 2023 at 10:31 pm

Content writer Sam Hoffman provides a convenient checklist of areas to work on for Spring cleaning.

Spring Cleaning: 11 Makeover Tips to Make Your Home Sparkle This Spring

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Windows flung wide open, seemingly endless energy flowing through your veins, as a matter of fact, you feel you can do just about anything. It must have something to do with the warm and invigorating spring sun. You take a deep breath, and although the air is clean, you detect a whiff of dust somewhere. What follows next is quite clear, spring cleaning.

You may have been too tired to do anything during the winter, but now you have all the strength in the world and nothing stopping you (unlike the snow of winter that always tells you to, “go inside”). You have abundant energy and drive to clean but do not really know how and where to start from. It is a normal feeling. That is why this article is dedicated to helping you start your spring cleaning and help you carry it out effectively. By the time you’re done, you will once more notice the shine you forgot that your home has.

Tip no. 1 | Baseboards

Face the baseboards squarely. These hidden locations are “collectors” of dirt and grime. They are easy to overlook but since this is war, we will leave no spot unchecked. When continually neglected the dirt and grime in the baseboards would simply keep compiling. Since we have nothing but time and energy at the moment, drop to the ground and clean. Shine these baseboards until they are gleaming.

Tip no. 2 | Carpets

As spring cleaning entails an all-out effort, it offers you the opportunity to thoroughly steam clean your carpets. Eliminating all the hidden and accumulated dirt. Soap plus water (advisably hot water) would produce a soapy solution that is just that in every sense of the word, “a solution” to the problem.

Depending on the degree of accumulated dirt, about five repetitions should be enough. If you feel that there is still room to improve, then by all means, carry on.

Tip no. 3 | Declutter

Well, it’s time to open up your space a bit. Observe your surroundings, can you see them? Of course, you can. All the stuff you leave out in the open, (maybe in a pile somewhere on the floor or stacked on a table) that would do a lot more good if they were neatly packed away.

No more hoarding. Time to let go, stop giving yourself excuses that they could come in handy someday. If you really believe that they still have a purpose, pack them up neatly in a box and keep out of sight.

Tip no. 4 | Garage

Then proceed to the one place you never really paid much attention to in the winter. The garage.

No one enjoys staying out in the cold for extended periods, so stuff always ends up lying in a corner or somewhere in the garage. Now, you have the support of the sun and fresh spring air, so arrange the garage. Recycle stuff you don’t need anymore.

Tip no. 5 | Windows

Clean the windows and other glass surfaces. Wipe down the glass or panes thoroughly. Make use of Windex and some paper towels if available as normal towels might leave patterns on the glass.

Also concentrate on the window frames, especially the edges. Safety first, so put on your gloves. A well-cleaned window adds a certain charm to the beauty of a clean home.

Tip no. 6 | Shoes

For the shoe enthusiasts, you could put in the time to properly arrange your collection. It is more space effective to place your shoes in opposite directions. This simply means that the left shoe faces inward or upward, while the right one faces outward or downward. The effectiveness of this method in conserving space would be more evident for high heels.

Tip no. 7 | Repairs

You could also check around the house if there are areas requiring repair or maintenance. Fix everything you can by yourself (to save some money), but if you can’t, please contact the handyman. Don’t make things worse for the sake of saving some extra cash.

If you cannot afford to fix everything, fix the ones that their damage is making your life more difficult. Maybe the sink is dripping, do well to call the plumber. While for parents, it would be advisable to prioritize your little ones’ needs and their safety.

Tip no. 8 | Sinks & Shower Heads

Over to the sinks and shower heads.

Sink and faucet

It is quite simple. Make a solution of equal part vinegar and equal part water. Then put the solution in a nylon bag and tie to the sink faucet and showerheads. Keep soaked for a duration of about an hour. When satisfied, untie the nylon and rinse the faucet and shower head with warm water.

Tip no. 9 | Security

Carry out an analysis of your security system. The safety of your family is definitely worth more than a few minutes of your time. Check for any updates from the security company (read more here), ensure that everything is functioning properly.

Tip no. 10 | Smoke Alarms

Check the battery in your smoke alarms and if it still functions properly. To be on the safer side, just replace the battery. There is no price too high for your safety and that of your family.

Tip no. 11 | Rearrange

It is spring; it’s a new season. You could try out a new look. No need to buy expensive stuff, just use your imagination to make what you have, look better and newer after the cleaning session.

There is no need to carry out the activities in chronological order. Just do everything at your own pace, get the family involved. Spring cleaning can be fun, as long as you know what you are doing.

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