Synthetic Grass Installation – Stepwise Guide for the Novices

Last updated on October 16th, 2023 at 01:44 pm

Want to never have to ever cut the lawn again? Well here's an idea.

Synthetic Grass Installation – Stepwise Guide for the Novices

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After thorough research, you have finally come across the best shop offering synthetic grass within your budget. They have successfully delivered the pile you have asked for. Your work doesn’t end here as now starts the main challenge. You have to get the artificial turf properly installed.

The entire synthetic grass installation process seems easier when you watch videos, but the reality is a bit different. You need to check the quality and condition of the turf, along with the tools you need to complete this task. Moreover, the entire process takes time to complete. So, make sure to check out the guide first before getting your hands dirty.

The Pre-Installation Method:

It all starts with the pre-installation method. In this segment of synthetic grass installation, you have to remove the existing materials from the ground.

Lawned garden
Using a sod-cutter, it’s easy to roll up the existing grass to make room for your new synthetic grass

Demolition is one way, which removes current materials like weeds, soils, or any substance. You can use a sod-cutter for this and they can be rented from many home improvement stores.

You will only receive a solid subbase for your project by rough grading the area. For that, you need to uncover everything lying beneath the ground like pipes, irrigation, wires, and more.

  • You have to cap all the existing sprinklers too, which aren’t used anymore. It is mandatory to cap those at a pipe level, while opposed to rising. It helps in avoiding leaks that might occur between two sprinklers. You can modify the sprinkler’s drainage or irrigation.
  • If you need to, make sure to relocate the sprinklers and modify current irrigation lines. For that, you can add any required drainage to cover synthetic grass installation services. Remember to always fill the spaces and mark the location of unused sprinklers for avoiding low spots or depressions.

Measuring Area is Important Along with Follow-Up Steps:

Before you purchase artificial turf and start the synthetic grass installation process, remember to measure your area well. For that, you need to work with the length and width of the area that you are planning to cover with artificial turf. You have to consider some joints that you might want to have. 

  • Once you have taken the exact measurements, get all your tools and equipment ready. Some of the best tools that you need to cover this task are turf cutter, geotextile weed killer, knife, and accessories such as glue and tape. 
  • You need to compact the ground too. For that, don’t forget to use a roller, tamper, or vibrating plate. You can hire these tools from equipment centers in place of buying them at reasonable rates. Renting tools is easier as you won’t be using them often. 
  • Now you have to lay the stone or sand base of minimum 40mm. In case the sand proves to be too dry, you can add a bit of wet sand in the mixture. Once it is done, you have to compact the ground again using the same method. Proper compacting forms a crucial part of the synthetic grass installation process.
  • Now, carefully roll the grass underlay. On top of that, you need to place the synthetic turf. Remember to be very careful and not to disturb the weed-killing underlay. The grass will have a directional pile, so you have to face it in the same way as any joints.

Let the grass settles and then join any other pieces together if left alone. Now trim the edges and brush the grass up. You are done!

Mini golf scene with ball and club
You can enjoy your new synthetic grass any way you like

A Guide from the Experts is a Clear Call:

It is always mandatory to call experts for the synthetic grass installation procedure. They know what to do, and can help you with the options well. Then there won’t be any room left for mistakes.


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