Why Go Solar Before Summer: 5 Reasons You Need It NOW!

Last updated on October 20th, 2023 at 11:15 pm

There are lots of benefits to installing solar panels before the hot weather hits - here's a few of them.

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Summer is coming, and it means longer days, warmer weather, and even higher electricity bills. With air-conditioners being a necessity during the hot days, I’m sure you’re already dreading the expensive utility bills! Well, that’s where solar power comes along, which actually saves you money along the way.

But how exactly can it help with your bills and what else can solar power do for you and the environment? Read on as I show you various reasons why you need to have solar panels installed before summer begins!

Five Reasons Why to Go Solar Before the Summer Season Begins

It’s getting even hotter every summer, with people starting to set up solar energy systems. However, it’s time to start thinking ahead and installing it BEFORE the season change! Here are the five important reasons why:

1. You Stay Cool Better

People tend to think that the hotter the day is, the higher energy levels solar panels can produce. However, what happens is the complete opposite!

Solar panels will operate even better and more efficiently when in colder temperatures. Production is connected with the number of lights hitting each panel and not the temperature.

So while there’s light during the summer, the efficient performance during winter can balance out the panels’ production levels.

That’s why it’s much better to start installing your solar energy system now compared to later, especially since it takes some time before such systems begin to perform as expected.

Instead of having to wait a few weeks before you’re able to finally start using solar power for cooling your home, you can have installed during the spring, just in time for it to function completely during the next hot season.

2. It Saves You Money In the Long Run

We all know how beneficial solar energy systems are in terms of cost-efficiency. While they may be quite an expensive investment at first glance, they actually save you money in the long run with tax breaks and electricity costs.

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You can use solar power all day long even when the sun isn’t up, as panels save power and store it on grids for nightly use. Compared to traditional power types, they are more durable and more affordable, with you being able to use as much electricity as you need without worrying about electricity bills increasing.

3. Save the Environment

Another common benefit of solar energy systems provide is eco-friendliness. Solar power is clean and renewable energy, without releasing harmful emissions for power. This makes sits better for the ecosystem and environment, reducing the amount of harm Earth experiences.

Solar energy is safer, cleaner, and more reliable compared to fossil fuels, all the while saving you money with more power. As a result of its environment-saving features, it creates a brighter future, with you doing your part to save the planet.

4. Have a Lower Electricity Rate

As mentioned, summer electricity bills are always so high, especially with air-conditioners. And because solar energy systems take time to work, installing it during the summer won’t do you as much good as compared to installing it during spring. When you go solar before summer, it will be able to start lowering your electricity bills right when summer hits, so you can start saving as soon as the heat arrives.

Take note that it can take up to 90 days before solar energy systems go “live,” so winter or spring is the best time to invest! It’s perfect, while energy bills don’t cost as much compared to summer.

5. Better Installation Services

Reputable companies like Brisbane Solar will always provide excellent services and solar power systems all-year-round. What makes it so different having it installed before summer?

More people tend to have solar power systems installed, so there is more of a chance to get caught with more clients, making the waiting time for installation a bit longer. This can be a hassle for you and workers who may need to rush and work double-time to accommodate the demand.

Besides this, you wouldn’t want workers to perform services under the sweltering heat of the sun if you choose to install solar systems during the summer already. Workers will either have to work shorter hours or during cooler times at night, which can lengthen the installation time. Or, it can cause discomfort if they have to work during the hot days, which may affect their work quality.

Wrapping It Up

I hope that these reasons to invest in solar power will encourage you to make that switch. Begin looking for reputable companies and sellers for solar panel installation today!

If you have any questions or want to share your solar power experiences, share it in the comments section below. All your thoughts are much appreciated.

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