Why Vanities are a Perfect Addition to Every Bathroom

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A vanity can make the difference between an 'ok' bathroom and an amazing one.

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In the past, bathroom furnishings used to be limited to a selection of bathtubs, plumbing fixtures, and mirrors. It wasn’t common or appropriate to put other furniture in the bathroom.

The newer, modern designs of the home provide for an ergonomic and convenient arrangement of furniture. The mirror in the bathroom is replaced with cabinets with mirrored doors, and a bathroom cabinet or a vanity is installed under the sink. The vanity is used for room decoration and as a cabinet for storing bath accessories, cosmetics, and textiles. Here’s what to look for when purchasing a new vanity for your bathroom.

White vanity top with two sinks
White vanity top with two sinks

Purpose and Types of Vanities

The primary task of the bathroom vanities is functionality. On the shelves, in the vanity, you can successfully stow away what you need to be hidden from the eyes of strangers. And for the sake of order, it is convenient to have that space for organizing. But in addition to useful functionality, the vanities also perform an aesthetic task. Depending on the relative position of the cabinet and the sink, there are three main types:

The sink is built into the vanity, they are made in the same style and make one whole. In this case, the top surface is uneven, made for a specific sink.

The sink is located above the vanity, at a certain distance, the dimensions of the sink correspond to it, even if the countertop is bigger. The surface of the vanity is even, without recesses and grooves.

The sink is located on the vanity, the edges of the sink extend beyond its surface.

The choice of the type of vanity depends not only on aesthetic preferences. It is also important to consider its location. For example, a sink, fixed above the vanity, will decorate a spacious bathroom but will be out of place in a small bathroom. In addition to the location relative to the sink, bathroom vanities are divided into hanging ones and standing ones. Hanging vanities have a significant advantage over standing ones — it’s easier to clean and mop under them.

The assortment of offered bathroom furniture makes the buyer worry about choosing the right model. Before buying, consider a few relevant criteria for choosing the right vanity.

The Material

The material from which the vanity is made should have increased moisture and vapor resistance, be not susceptible to mold and fungal diseases and be resistant to mechanical stress and deformation. Derivatives of wood do not meet these conditions, cabinets made of chipboard and MDF are short-lived, they quickly lose their high-quality appearance. A plastic cabinet is not afraid of moisture, but it will not withstand a blow. A metal curbstone is susceptible to corrosion, and, despite its strength, it is also rarely chosen for a bathroom.

Glass bathroom furniture is becoming more and more popular, it is durable and does not interact with water. When choosing a glass vanity, pay attention to the quality and tempering of the glass.

Examine the bathroom cabinet fittings, give preference to chrome-plated metal parts, plastic handles will lose their original appearance after a couple of weeks of use.

The Size

Small bathroom space doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t have a space for a vanity. The dimensions of the vanity can start at 50 cm and can be a reasonable and space-saving solution for your small bathroom.


If the bathroom has a system of underfloor heating, choose a suspended vanity or one on legs to extend its service life.

Space and the Sink

If you choose a vanity with a sink within it, pay attention to the fact that the sink does not have to be exactly in the middle of the tabletop, if you choose the one that is slightly shifted to the side, you can use most of the space very functionally. By the way, the size of the sink itself is also important: models with a larger area and depth allow the surrounding areas to remain cleaner and dry.

The space inside the table is usually full, but few people think about the fact that the inner surface of the doors can also be very successfully used, for example, for storing hair dryers and other electrical appliances used in the bathroom.

The Design

The design of the bathroom vanity is varied, the facades are available in matte and glossy style, different colors, smooth and embossed. Keep track of the correct combination of the selected piece of furniture and the style of the interior of the room.


Approach the choice of a vanity unit not only from the design side. Take into account the necessary functionality, carefully measure the dimensions, choose a model that suits the style of the bathroom. Such a cabinet will harmoniously fit into the interior and will delight you for a long time.

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