5 Tips to Prevent Your Feet from Hurting After a Workout

Last updated on November 19th, 2020 at 10:19 pm

Foot pain can really mess up your day, especially after a workout when you're already tired.

5 Tips to Prevent Your Feet from Hurting After a Workout

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Regardless of how good the exercise is for us some people simply hate exercising. There are many different reasons for that hate towards physical activity but one of the most prominent ones is the pain in different parts of our body.

The actual exercising may not even be the problem but it’s after you’ve finished where the problems start. And for many people, it’s the pain in their feet that causes them to stop exercising altogether.

Why do your feet hurt after every workout? It’s perfectly normal for your feet to hurt a bit after every exercise, it means you did it right. But when that pain becomes unbearable after every next exercise – there is a problem for sure.

There are many reasons why your feet may hurt – from the way you land on them after jumping to the kind of sneakers you wear to something more serious like periostitis.

So, how can we deal with it and make exercising less unpleasant since it is so necessary both for our body and mind? Check our list of things that you can do to prevent your feet from hurting after every workout.

1. Stretch your feet before exercise

Start with something simple – stretch your feet before every workout. If we’re being honest the only parts of our body that we stretch are our arms and legs, but have you ever stretched your feet?

While you’re stretching your legs, take time to stretch the feet too. The benefits of properly stretching your feet are many, from keeping them strong and flexible to fewer chances of the pain after exercise.

Different types of stretching exercises can reduce pain in your feet significantly, they are not complicated, and if they will stop your feet from hurting than they are worth giving a try.

2. Footbath

Give your feet a spa treatment after every exercise. Your feet will be very grateful to you if you let them soak in the warm water mixed with Epsom salts.

Footbaths are great for alleviating pain and reducing soreness and swelling. And the best part is that you don’t need to go to any spa to get treatment. You can very well do this at home.

Apart from relieving your foot pain, footbaths are great for stimulating blood circulation, relieving stress, and reducing foot odor.

This in combination with stretching will most definitely reduce any foot pain you have.

Reflexology Foot Massage
A foot massage can help to relieve pain

3. Foot massage

Foot massages are another good option as they improve circulation. You can massage your own feet after every exercise to alleviate the pain and improve circulation.

Apart from that, foot massages have many other benefits as well. They improve sleep quality, reduce blood pressure, promote relaxation, and relieve stress among many other things.

You can easily give yourself a foot massage or you can have someone else do it for you. Thre are many different massage techniques that only last for about 10 minutes and help a lot. And who knows, maybe one of them can do wonders for you and your feet.

4. Visit the doctor

If none of the above has done much to alleviate the pain in your feet and if the pain is still very much present after every workout, think about visiting a doctor.

A podiatrist is a healthcare professional who treats problems with lower limbs and feet. Since your pain is related to exercising you can seek help from someone working in the field of sports podiatry medicine. They will examine you and give you therapy or tell you to change your shoes or even give you shoe inserts.

Also, a podiatrist will be able to tell you if something is seriously wrong or if you just have a mild problem.

5. Change Shoes

Another easy fix that might help you deal with foot pain. You may think that shoes are shoes and you can use whichever pair you have at hand. The thing is, not all sneakers are equal, and wearing the wrong pair can be the reason your feet are hurting so much.

Workout shoes should be sneakers appropriate for running and jumping – something athletes often do. This means that you should look for a brand designed for athletes.

These sneakers are specially designed to prevent injury and they also have special cushioning that helps in shock absorption. And this is exactly the kind of sneakers that you need to prevent your feet from hurting again after every workout.

Final Thoughts

Physical activity and exercise are supposed to make us feel better – they’re necessary both for our body and mind. If exercising causes you excessive pain something is not right and you should seek professional help. The same goes for feet pain, if it is excessive don’t wait a moment longer and visit a podiatrist.


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