25 Simple Ways to Start Losing Weight Right Now

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Fighting weight gain, especially as we get older, is a global battle. In almost every culture and society people struggle to remain healthy in an ever-changing world full of unhealthy options. Ideal weight and body size differs from place to place but from a medical standpoint, all modern cultures agree that carrying around extra weight is generally bad for you and linked to other health problems. Fortunately, there are a bunch of simple things you can change in your daily habits that will help you maintain a healthy weight, feel good about yourself, and most of them are free!

Weight Loss Scale MeasurementsWeigh Yourself 

Not every day or after every meal, but a single weigh-in once a week can help you keep a general tab on what’s going on with your weight. If you kept spending money and you never checked your bank balance, eventually at some point you’d probably overdraft it right? Weighing yourself once a week is like checking your body’s health balance and can give you an idea if what you’re doing is working is adequate for your weight loss plan.

Keep a Food Log

Similar in concept to weighing yourself periodically, if you don’t pay attention it’s easy to overdo it. A whole bag of chips can go down awfully fast and if you’re not keeping track, you might even forget you ate them and move on to something else later. To mitigate the damage this type of eating can do your weight loss goals, add the food to your log BEFORE you eat it because if you count calories, the reality check associated with eating that whole bag of chips could be enough to stop you from doing it in the first place.

Take the Stairs

Just 2 minutes of extra stair climbing each day is enough to stop the average middle age weight gain. Combine that with the fact that stair climbing is a great workout for your butt and you’ve got a winning way to change your health. If you already are in an environment where you make choices daily between using the elevator or stairs, take the stairs every time to help maintain a healthy weight.

Eat From a Small Plate

Our bodies naturally tell us when we’re full. Unfortunately many of us have learned to suppress those signals from our bodies as a result of being told very early on in our lives to ‘clean your plate’. We’ve traded our bodies’ natural stop-eating signals for the visual cues that come with an empty plate. People who eat from smaller plates tend to eat less overall without feeling like they’ve eaten any less. People who eat from smaller plates weight less on average than people who eat from large plates. Yes it still matters exactly what you eat, but if you’re reading this article the odds are that eating a little bit less won’t hurt your weight loss goals.

Get Enough SleepSleep Woman Weight Loss

This is probably one of the most important things to focus on, not just for weight loss but also for general physical and mental health. Sleep is critically important for our bodies. When you sleep, you breathe deeply and that helps your body remove toxins. You know how they teach you in school that you breath in oxygen and breath out carbon dioxide? Well if you look at the chemistry it reads that you breathe in O2 and breath out CO2. Basically we exhale we’re taking carbon-based toxins from our cells and fusing them with oxygen that we’ve inhaled and expelling them through our breath. That carbon weighs a little bit and deep sleep eliminates it just from the deep breathing that only happens during a good sleep. Ever wonder why you can wake up as much as a pound lighter than when you went to bed? It’s all that carbon that you exhaled overnight.



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