8 of the Most Insane Recliners You’ll Love in 2019

Last updated on October 22nd, 2023 at 08:00 pm

Here's a great selection of recliners you'll love!

8 of the Most Insane Recliners You’ll Love in 2019

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Recliners are the furniture in vogue in 2019. Originally a staple of the 80’s living room, they’re making a huge comeback. There are multiple uses for them too. Elderly people with back pain and other joint problems can get the comfort of their liking. Pregnant and new mothers will also prefer these recliners in comparison to the rocking chairs. They are made keeping the ergonomics of the human spine and hip joints in mind. Some even feature in the recommendation of orthopedic doctors as well.

After a long day at work, there is no better feeling than resting your body on a good recliner and letting go of all the tiredness, especially if you spend your entire workday in an office chair. Even during the holidays, you can curl up on the recliners with your favorite popcorn and watch Netflix and relax. Now, there are multiple options of recliners available in the market. You will be spoilt for choice. Here are the best recliners that you can consider before buying.

Seatcraft Equinox Leather Power Recliner

The first one on the list is a complete winner to start with. If you are looking for the perfect recliner, you don’t have to go looking much after this. The comfort, looks, adjustability – it scores very high in all aspects. The head and leg rest are easily adjustable and smooth in transition. There are some luxury additions to it as well. This includes a charging port and a bass booster that are cool.

Thus, if you are listening to music, you can synchronize it with your recliner as well. There is not any disadvantage to the Seatcraft Recliner. That is commendable as it has been tested by many. Though it is slightly high-priced when compared to others, It is definitely worth the money as far as recliners are concerned.

Raleigh High Leg Recliner Chair

For a more traditional look, Raleigh is one of the most popular companies in the market right now as far as recliners are concerned. They come in a large variety of options. The High Leg Recliner Chair is the most sought after in this particular section.

The main reason for its incredible popularity is that you can choose from almost 400 different colors and patterns. That’s a lot of options when considering recliners and why customers prefer this brand a lot. There are additional features that add to its comfort, as well. This includes rounded arms and an adequately tall back. It also has deep cushions that add to comfort considerably.

Naomi Home Odelia Swivel Rocker Recliner

If you’re looking for simplicity in design, look no further! The characteristic shape of the Odelia Swivel Rocker Recliner is squarish, and that adds to the aesthetic of it. You can put it in your living room or nursery according to your convenience. The upholstery is a very soft microfiber, and the spring core foam adds to its comfort significantly. There are also ball-bearings in place, and this is an amazing inclusion.

You can opt for a rocking motion as well as rotation because of this in-built feature. The range of the swivel is also huge, from 180 degrees to 360 degrees and you can recline according to your wish. Add the foot and leg rest to it, and it becomes the complete package and the best swivel recliner that you are looking for.

Gaga Leather Manual Swivel Recliner by Lafer

For a super modern look, you can’t go wrong with this recliner. It’s the perfect combination of wood and leather, and since it is by Lafer, you can rest assured of its quality as well.

Both the footrest and the headrest are easily adjustable, and the back can move from 90 degrees to 170 degrees according to your convenience. There is a 360 manual swivel as well, which means you can turn it in any direction at any time. Consider this recliner while looking to buy a new one as well.

Homedex 360 degree Swivel Leather Massage Recliner

If you consider Mercedes as one of the most luxurious and classy brands among cars, then this recliner is the Mercedes of this particular niche. It looks so classy and elegant that it can add to the charm of any room. Interestingly, it is very tech-savvy as well and not very expensive.

There is a massage system that can stimulate your blood flow, a heating system, rocking to and fro function and most importantly, a 360 swivel. Thus, you can turn to any direction you want. There are so many features in this recliner that not looking through this while making a choice will be stupid.

Baby Relax Coco Chair and a Half Recliner

This recliner is not only sturdy and comfy but is almost 1.5 times larger than most other conventional recliners. Thus, it is best for new mothers as they can sit comfortably and nurse their babies.

It is deeply padded and comes with arms pillows which makes it even better. If you are looking for a recliner exclusively for your nursery, you can choose this.

Vossen ergonomic chair and a half recliner

This is the crowd favorite as far as comfort and looks are concerned as it blends both the features adequately. It is generally available in two colors, light brown, and chocolate. You can choose one according to the color of the room. The solid wood with the sponge of the highest-density and microfiber is what makes it perfect for all situations.

You can clean it in a jiffy as well. It comes with an 8-point massage and hearing system and takes up to almost 250 pounds of weight. The massage system is very smooth and does not make noise while doing its function. If your house has a lot of kids and pets, this is the one for you.

Manual Swivel Recliner with Ottoman by Windaze

If you are one of those people who like a contemporary style more than being too eccentric, these recliners are the best option for you. They look sleek and classy in design as well. This adds to the overall look of your house.

An additional headrest and ottoman are also fitted into it. Thus, not only does it support the spine but the head as well, providing the extra comfort that you are looking for. Some have said though that it is a little difficult to assemble. Having someone to help is a good idea in this respect.

Which One Will You Buy?

The recliners listed above are the ones that you must check out before deciding which one that is best suited for you.

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