Chakra Colors: An In-Depth Look at the Red Chakra

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A detailed look at the red Chakra, also known as Muladhara or Root Chakra.

Chakra Colors: An In-Depth Look at the Red Chakra

In my most recent post, I went over all 7 of the Chakras and their colors. Now, I want to go deeper into the very first Chakra: the Red Chakra.

About the Muladhara Chakra

Also known as the Root Chakra, or simply the 1st Chakra, it’s the energy center which acts as the foundation for all others. When the Root Chakra is out of balance, it’s difficult to balance any of the other Chakras. So it makes sense that I’ll be looking at this Chakra before all others.

The Root Chakra Location

The Root Chakra lives at the base of the spine. It’s the energy center in our bodies closest to the earth. This Chakra is a main support location for the body.

The Red Chakra helps to pull the energy we need from the earth up into our spirits, and its location helps to facilitate this energy transfer. It helps to keep us safe and grounded.

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Symptoms of Imbalance in the Red Chakra

When the Muladhara Chakra is out of balance, our sense of safety is affected. We may feel as if the world is falling out from under us.

As a result of this feeling, we may experience a desire to hoard items/money or over eat in an attempt to build up the safety and security we feel are missing.

A consistent paranoia or anxious feeling may also be common when this Chakra is out of balance.

An imbalance of the Root Chakra can also manifest itself in sexual ways. In fact, because of it’s location, it has a strong affect on the genital area and the intestines.

It’s not uncommon for an unbalanced Muladhara Chakra to result in sexual dysfunction such as hypersexuality or using sex to control others.

Balancing The Red Chakra

Recognizing that your Red Chakra is out of balance is the first step in correcting it. But what specific activities help to balance it? Well, given it’s proximity to the ground, you’ll need to focus on activities which connect you to the earth.

There are many activities which will help, but first and foremost, it’s important to determine if the imbalance is a result of some trauma you’ve suffered. If this is the case, talking to a qualified healer may help.

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Ground-Based Exercises

Walking & jogging/running are a couple really good exercises to help you connect with the earth and repair the energy flow in your Red Chakra. Ensure you’re running outside and not on a treadmill.

In addition to running, you can also consider doing yoga. Focus on the grounding poses such as warrior. Spend a lot of time in sitting poses where your Root Chakra can actually touch the ground beneath you.


Because an imbalanced Red Chakra can cause you to hoard unnecessary worldly goods, getting rid of these items will help to bring the Chakra back into balance.

Take a good look at your possessions. How many things do you own that you could day weeks or months without using? Get rid of those. Donate them to charity or give them to someone in need.

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Connect with Nature

Connecting with nature will help to restore your connection to the earth. This is critical. Walk barefoot on the ground.

Take on hobbies that will help you get physically in touch with the earth and the ground. Gardening has widely been known to be a treatment for anxiety, it’s no coincidence that it’s one of the best hobbies for balancing your Root Chakra.


Meditation is a common practice used for balancing all of the Chakras. During meditation, it’s important to focus on the items affected by the imbalance.

You might meditate on your tendencies to hoard by envisioning a life of minimalism. You could also mediate on your connection to the ground.

Simply being aware of your symptoms is enough to help you begin focusing on them.

The Red Chakra: Conclusion

The Red Chakra is the key to the health of all other Chakras and therefore one of the most important of the Chakra colors. By keeping this Chakra balanced, you’ll be sure to live a better life with less stress and ill-health.

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