Chakra Colors: An In-Depth Look at the Yellow Chakra

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A detailed look at the yellow Chakra, also known as the Manipura Chakra or Solar Plexus Chakra.

Chakra Colors: An In-Depth Look at the Yellow Chakra

In continuation of my series on the Chakras, in this article I’ll be discussing the third Chakra: the Yellow Chakra. It’s also known as the Solar Plexus Chakra or the Manipura Chakra.

The Yellow Chakra is one of 7 primary Chakras.

7 chakras
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About the Manipura Chakra

This Chakra is based on the element of fire and it’s yellow or golden in color for those who have the ability to visualize its energy.

The energy from the Yellow Chakra is responsible for self discipline and independence. It’s also known as the center of energy for intelligence. Having a sense of self-belonging is also associated with a healthy Solar Plexus Chakra.

The Solar Plexus Chakra Location

The 3rd Chakra is located below the rib cage behind the navel.[1]

Unlike other Chakras, there’s very little debate to the location – just about every discipline agrees that the Yellow Chakra resides behind the navel.

Manipura Chakra
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Symptoms of Imbalance in the Yellow Chakra

An imbalanced Chakra can affect the entire body, but each Chakra has focal points. In the case of the Manipura Chakra, an imbalance can manifest in a few different ways.

Digestive Health

Because of its location, the third Chakra has a palpable effect on the organs of the digestive system.[2] The large intestines, liver, & kidneys are all affected.

Behavioral Symptoms

In addition to physical symptoms, individuals with an imbalanced Yellow Chakra may suffer from lack of self-control, depression, or anxiety.

Additional symptoms include anger & and an overly judgmental attitude towards others.

Balancing the Manipura Chakra

Like other Chakra imbalances, meditation is a key method universally accepted to help balance the yellow Chakra. If you’re new to meditation consider a guided meditation like the one below:

In addition to mediation, exercising and being active help to balance all Chakras including the Solar Plexus. This is especially true for activities that can be performed outside in the sunshine.

Exposing yourself to the color yellow can be beneficial. Wearing yellow clothing or wearing yellow jewelry such as gold can help to serve this purpose.

There are 2 great yoga poses that also can help to balance the 3rd Chakra. The boat pose and warrior pose are both thought to provide benefits.[3] It also turns out these poses help to increase physical strength, which is an added bonus.

Yoga in general is a great way to balance all the Chakras and keep your body and mind in excellent health.


The Yellow Chakra: Conclusion

For those who subscribe to the belief that Chakras help to direct all the life energy in our bodies, the Yellow Chakra is an important aspect to a healthy life – both mental and physical.

All Chakra colors are important, but being able to recognize which one might be out of balance will help to let one know how to proceed with healing it.

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