Post-Surgery Care: What To Eat After You’ve Had Surgery

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After surgery, a proper recovery is vital. While many people focus on the rehabilitation aspects of recovery, diet is just as important (if not more so).

After going through surgery, it’s essential to make a great selection of foods that will help you recover at ease. After surgery, most people complain of conditions like constipation and high blood glucose due to bad food choices, but this can be prevented by eating the necessary meals[1].

Patients going through recovery should consider eating whole foods due to their high nutritional content[2]. Whole foods are foods that haven’t been industrialized and canned such as apples, mangoes etc.

When foods go through the process of industrialization, a lot of substances are added to them including fat, sugar, salt, and other chemicals. These kinds of products are not recommended for patients under recovery because they are not natural.

Girl cooking breakfast - granola with yogurt, fruits, berries, milk, yogurt, juice, cheese. Top view
Granola with yogurt, fruits, berries, milk, yogurt, juice, cheese.


Patients under recovery should consider including fiber in their diet[3]. The inclusion of fiber in foods make them healthier in contrast to foods without fiber. Furthermore, fiber helps against common problems faced by most patients under recovery including constipation. Patients suffering from constipation are at risk of having more problems.

The addition of fiber to your daily meal will help you to recover naturally. Recovery patients in need of fiber should consider eating whole grain bread, whole grains, fruits, vegetables and Cereal

Unprocessed Foods

Most patient under surgery recovery always suffer from constipation. This is because patients they consume processed foods like orange juice and pharmaceutical pills which are commonly used by patients during recovery period, but this food should be avoided because they can slow down the functioning of your intestines[1].

To prevent constipation, patients should avoid eating foods that can lead to constipation such as dried or dehydrated foods, processed foods, cheese, milk, and dairy products, red meat and sweets. The effects of constipation include pain, discomfort in your stomach.

Different Fruits and Berries

Fruits and Vegetables

It’s very necessary for patient under recovery to consume both fruit and vegetables, since they have a lot of nutrients necessary for s successful healing. Fruits and vegetables such as broccoli and cucumber are required.

The digestive system works at its best when you consume more fruits and vegetables. This can lead to gas and other issues which should be over in no time. However, you can eat less fruits if you are more liable to stomach pressure.

Dairy Products

The consumption of dairy products is very vital for your recovery after surgery[4]. Eating enough dairy products facilitates lung secretions. However, people with conditions such as chronic cough should probably avoid dairy products in the short term due to its ability to cause lung secretions.

Dairy products for patients under recovery include cheese and yogurt.

Final Thoughts

Recovering from a surgical procedure can be a trying time. But it’s a process.

With the right diet and following your doctor’s instructions, you can get back to normal in no time.

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