Running for Weight Loss | Leave Fat Behind by Jogging

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Running is by far one of the absolute best exercises one can do for weight loss. Running doesn't cost much and it burns a bunch of calories.

Running for Weight Loss | Leave Fat Behind by Jogging

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Running is a great weight loss tool. If you’re looking to shed some pounds, consider adding jogging & running to your exercise routine.

Running Doesn’t Cost Much

Let’s start by lightening up the wallet. You can go for a run without special equipment. All you need is a decent pair of running shoes. If you’re brand new to running, check out my running guide for beginners.

Running Burns Lots of Calories

When it comes to exercise, it’s hard to beat running for the number of calories you’ll burn. Going for a run burns more calories-per-minute than walking or strength training.

Sure there are some high-intensity exercises that will burn calories faster, but it’s nearly impossible to maintain them for an extended period. When you run, you get the afterburn effect without having to stop every 5 minutes.

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Jogging Doesn’t Have to be Boring

I know a lot of folks who say they just can’t deal with how boring running is. But running doesn’t have to be boring.

There are plenty of ways to spice it up and keep it interesting.

If you jog with a partner, not only will you get the calorie-burn that results in fast weight-loss, you’ll also keep each other motivated to perform.

Incorporate Sprints into Your Runs

Jogging at the same pace for 30-60 minutes will burn a ton of calories. But did you know that by adding a short burst of all-out speed will burn even more?

Many runners that I know have testified to the effectiveness of sprints. Adding a strong 30-second sprint to your run every few minutes could burn as many calories in 30 minutes as a steady hour-long jog.


Running is a cheap and effective way to lose weight. Its positive effect can be amplified by adding sprints and running with a partner. Combined with a healthy diet that avoids processed grains & sweets, running will help you reach your goal weight and the level of fitness you desire.

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