Why do Guys Have an Obsession with Gamer Girls?

Professional gamer girl with headset play online multiplayer video game on PC
The allure of gamer girls is not just about unrealistic expectations (like gaming in their bra & panties) - but also the online chat component that allows gamer guys to talk to women they'd never have the confidence to approach in person.

I’m a girl and I like video games. I’ve never had a problem being popular with the guys, but over the last few years I’ve discovered guys have this obsession with girls who play video games. Why?

And let me make it totally clear… the image above his highly uncharacteristic of gamer girls. We don’t lay around in sexy underwear playing video games.

And come on, everyone knows playing a video game while laying on your stomach is the absolute worst way to handle a controller.

Portrait of the beautiful professional gamer girl playing in online video game, casual cute geek

Common Interests

Ok I get it that guys like girls who are into the same things they are. But I think when guys say they like gamer girls, what they really mean is they like sexy girls who game.

I guess it’s no surprise that there’s an entire genre of pornography dedicated to gamer girls. But I can assure you, the women in those videos know nothing about gaming!

Online Gamer Girls

I really think the popularity of online games had a lot to do with the male infatuation with gamer girls.

Guys who game tend to be socially awkward. The anonymity that comes with online gaming chat is similar to the AOL chat rooms of the 90’s. Pairing these two facts together helps clarify the attraction.

Portrait of a beautiful warrior woman holding a sword wearing steel cuirass and fur

Gaming & The Cosplay Influence

I also believe the surge in popularity of cosplay has contributed to the sexy gamer girl concept.

With cosplay costumes for women becoming increasingly revealing and sexy, many of which emulate favorite female game characters, it makes sense that male gamers find themselves fantasizing about female gamers all the time.

I honestly feel like there’s nothing wrong with the attraction to girl gamers. I have guys come onto me when they find out I game, and I wouldn’t even consider myself to be a real ‘gamer girl’. I have way too many hobbies to be a serious gamer.

Though it is nice to know I can always toss out that tidbit in conversation to find out of a guy might be interested 😉

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