Incredible Health Benefits of Tomatoes

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Tomatoes are a very healthy food that can be used in all sorts of cuisines. Raw or cooked, you can't go wrong with tomatoes.

Incredible Health Benefits of Tomatoes

Tomatoes are packed with essential nutrients. They are frequently referred to as functional food as they offer more than simply nutrition for your body. They could really prevent disease and illness. Many years ago, the tomato was believed to be poisonous. Since the tomato plant belongs to the nightshade family, a lot of people thought that the fruits and the leaves couldn’t be consumed. Fortunately, that wasn’t the case.

Tomatoes are one of the few nightshade plants which aren’t poisonous and it is a good thing too, as they have lots of essential nutrients.

Low-Calorie Food

Once you eat a medium-size tomato, you only consume 22 calories. There is no fat in it, and you just get approximately five grams of carbohydrates. It also contains compounds that could assist in weight loss. For those who enjoy them, tomatoes can be a great snack raw with some salt & pepper.

Packed With Nutrients

Every piece of tomato has lots of Vitamin A and C. Also it has alpha-lipoic acid, folic acid, lycopene, lutein, choline, beta carotene as well as lycopene. These compounds make it very nutrient-dense food.

Vitamins A & C

Vitamins A and C could assist you to ward off illnesses as they boost your immune system. Folic acid is an essential nutrient to assist you keeps strong as well as feeling good. Vitamin A is a powerful antioxidant that naturally slows the aging process. The vitamin A in tomatoes helps keep your eyes healthy by avoiding macular degeneration.

Vitamin C boosts the immune system. Like vitamin A, it’s a powerful antioxidant and anti-cancer compound. Vitamin C is also known to protect against heart disease. It can be found in most fruits and vegetables including tomatoes.

Glass of tomato juice with fresh tomatoes

Diabetes Control

Alpha-lipoic acid converts the sugar in your body to energy. This is what makes you move easily and have more drive to move. Since it assists in sugar conversion, it assists lots of people who are at risk for diabetes. Also, it can assist people to control diabetes. Studies have discovered that alpha-lipoic might assist to preserve the brain as well as nerve tissues.

Antioxidant & Anti Cancer Properties

Along with vitamins A and C, tomatoes contain lycopene. Lycopene is a good anti-oxidant and the nutrient that provides tomatoes their bold, red color. Also it is a great way to secure the skin from the harmful effects of sun rays. Studies show that lycopene also prevents cancer. Vitamin A & C, mentioned previously, comes into play here as well for its own antioxidant properties.

Brain Food

The choline present in tomatoes assists you to have a good night’s sleep. It has also been revealed to assist people to know better and improve memory. This is perhaps because it maintains cellular membrane structures and assists the transmission of nerve impulses. Additionally, choline could help promote weight loss due to the fact that it helps the body absorb fat and at the same time reduce inflammation. Choline also plays a role in muscle movement and maintaining a healthy metabolism

Include Tomatoes in your Healthy Living Diet for Better Health and Fitness

Tomatoes are extremely nutritious; there is no doubt about it.  They must be a part of your daily diet. There are exceptions, however. Some people are allergic to tomatoes. Tomatoes can also exacerbate certain arthritic conditions.

You do not even need to eat this fruit raw to get in the amazing benefits. Recipes with cooked tomatoes could also deliver the essential nutrition your body needs in order to have a healthy and disease-free system.  The whole thing from pizza sauce to any types of soups can include these amazing tomatoes, making them taste even better as well as good for you. Tomatoes pair well with dishes containing avocado and garlic. You can get tomatoes almost everywhere; just make sure to buy the best one like organic tomatoes.

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