Is The Illuminati Real? How to Join Illuminati Affiliates

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The Illuminati are among the best-known secret societies, if they even exist. But if they do, how would one go about joining them? Is it even possible?

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Because our site has a handful of posts regarding the enigmatic Illuminati, we’ve garnered the attention of many individuals interested in joining. We receive emails and post comments asking questions like, “How to join Illuminati?”, “is the Illuminati real?”, and “What’s the Illuminati?” As a result, we’re going to provide you with the answers.

Is The Illuminati Real?

I guess the best place to start is whether or not the organization actually exists. The Illuminati, we know for sure, at least existed at one time in the past. In fact, the founding of the Illuminati is quite well-known and a definite part of history.

Adam Weishaupt Illuminati Bavarian
Adam Weishaupt | Image Source: Public Domain – Wikipedia

Founded in 1776 on May 1st by Adam Weishaupt, the Bavarian Illuminati was a secret society that embraced secularism and opposed superstition and abuses of state power.

Weishaupt wanted to limit the interference of the Church in public life and based the society on the Freemasons.

Unfortunately, by 1800, the Bavarian ruler Charles Theodore had outlawed all secret societies. His efforts, along with the Roman Catholic Church, vilified the group to the point that they all but disappeared.

What is The Illuminati in Modern Times?

In the modern day, many organizations and individuals have claimed the Illuminati and its offshoots have thrived in the shadows and maintain control and direction over the entire world.

Almost every one of fame, wealth, or power has been at some point considered a possible Illuminati member.

But the evidence supporting such claims, however, is weak. Conspiracy theorists point to alleged Illuminati signs and symbols which permeate our environment.

Other evidence by those who believe, includes the number of celebrities and political leaders who regularly ‘flash’ Illuminati hand symbols.

These ‘Illuminati celebrities’ include the likes of Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, and even President Donald Trump.

The Illuminati Scammer Zone

As a site that has many articles about the Illuminati, we regularly are contacted by individuals claiming to be agents of the organization. They make crazy promises.

Many of these scammers claim insanely large cash rewards as benefits of joining.

In reality, they’re just like the rest of those Nigerian scammers who try to get people to part with their hard-earned money on the basis of a lie.

Illuminati Leader Eagle Head
Image Source: Pixabay

How to Join Illuminati

As disappointing as it may seem, the truth is that one cannot search and find a way to join the Illuminati.

If the Illuminati is real, and they’re as powerful as many claim them to be, you can only hope they will contact you on their own. But they would likely only do that if you were already very influential, wealthy, or have been born into a family that is.


Never part with your hard-earned money on the promise of more. If the Illuminati is real, you will be contacted to be a member. You cannot simply ‘go apply’ no matter what the scammers tell you.

Your best bet is to become the best and most successful human being you can possibly be. Help people in need. Work hard and give to charity. The Illuminati may reach out to you to join them, but only after you’ve proven your worth.

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Rooben Rack
Rooben Rack

I'm a conspiracy junkie. I think information can be deadly. This isn't my real name. Nor is it my real picture. That's how you stay safe. We've all been lied to.


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1 thought on “Is The Illuminati Real? How to Join Illuminati Affiliates”

  1. There is a way to sign up on the official site and there are a couple of sister sites, one of which is a members’ portal with forum. I don’t know if I am allowed to post a link but it is a “.org”, and that is appropriate domain extension for an “organization”, as they are not a “company”, “.com”. One can learn the teachings , which do NOT involve paying for membership, worshiping Satan or performing human/animal sacrifice. Those are a few among many myths. Illuminati is not concerned with one’s race, religious preference, wealth or geographic location. Totally against the agenda, but conspiracy theories abound. In fact one of the main concepts is to put aside personal preferences to help and contribute to the human race, without any prejudice or personal agenda.

    My main reason for posting, is that I just don’t want people to keep thinking the organization is about bestowing upon them, wealth and fame, as many of these scammers promise. It’s not even an MLM or a business opportunity at all. Also no one should give these scammers money, as they have no path or training to administer; they are not even members of the official site or members’ portal.

    Having said that, one can go there and look around for themselves and there is no pressure. “Joining” the site/portal and becoming an official “member of” seem to be different things, but I am new to this. There are I believe around 28,000 active members. I am on the first levels, so truly a newbie.

    The main agenda is preservation of the human race. I am not sure what is “supposed” to happen on the horizon, for me to be so concerned, but I will be ready with my options and selfless too, if need be. One thing I like to do is help people. I have several sites (still getting populated), that are helpful and empowering in nature and motive so this was an easy decision for me to get involved. Basically Illuminati is an organization for like minded individuals who pledge to society, (not to Illuminati), to be helpful, contributing members and not always think of our own self first. Reminds me of communes in the ’70s. It was a great concept with everyone having their own contributing purpose.

    I belong to a lot of FB groups for spirituality, empowerment and “conspiracy theories”. Lots of scammers are misleading others and taking money from them, and these people have no clue what the Illuminati agenda entails. When I call them on it and ask what they know . . . what “level” they are . . . they go silent. Again, I don’t know about the higher teachings yet, but I HAVE to stop liars, manipulators, invalidators and scammers. That is MY agenda and mission ALL the time, on the web and in life.

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