You Should be Rewarding Yourself: Tips on How to Do It

Last updated on April 17th, 2024 at 11:30 am

You work hard and deserve to reap the benefits once in a while.

You Should be Rewarding Yourself: Tips on How to Do It

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If you want to make the best out of both your personal life and your career, you must make sure you reward yourself once in a while when you feel you deserve it. Not only will this make what you are doing more enjoyable, but you will also be pushed (subconsciously) to keep going. Motivating yourself with well-timed and appreciated rewards is always an excellent way to keep working hard. You might have reached a target weight, been promoted at work, completed a project ahead of time, saved the money you needed to, paid off a debt, or anything else. If you feel you deserve a reward you should give yourself one. Here are some interesting ways to reward yourself when you need to.

Time Alone

When was the last time you were able to spend any quality time by yourself, doing exactly what you wanted to do? It may have been a while, but it’s so important to step away from the crowds sometimes and allow yourself to truly relax.

People can often feel guilty about having this kind of ‘me time’ because they feel they should always be on the go, but the truth is that if you don’t take time out once in a while, your productivity will go down and you will make yourself unwell. Me time isn’t lazy; it’s good for you, and no matter whether you play sport, read a book, enjoy art, go for a walk, or watch TV, you’ll be rewarding yourself properly.

Buy Something New

As technology makes it easier for us to simply buy whatever we want whenever we want it, the idea of buying yourself something new may not be that exciting. You can do that anytime, in seconds, often when you are at work or in the middle of making dinner.

In order to make this purchase for yourself a true reward, purchase an item that you have been wanting for a long time. Perhaps an item that needs to be saved up for, or that you were given Brandy Melville coupons for and now you can finally spend them. Whatever it is you buy it should be a treat that you wouldn’t normally get for yourself; it should be special. That way it’s a real reward, and you’ll look forward to it much more. Plus, it will be a reminder of what you can achieve whenever you look at it.

Be Pampered

Letting someone else completely pamper you in a gorgeous, tranquil setting, and not having anything else to worry about for a day or so is an immense reward, and it’s no wonder that spa days are extremely popular. Use this reward following a truly special achievement, and you will enjoy it even more.

On a typical spa day you might have a massage, a facial, enjoy a swim, use a Jacuzzi, sauna, and steam room, have a manicure, and maybe even indulge in buying some lotions to take back home with you to replicate the good feeling. You will go back to work or to your family feeling refreshed and ready to move forward.


Rylie is freelance writer, fitness blogger, and travel junkie. Originally from Toronto, she currently resides in Lima, Peru but is always on the move to discover new adventures.

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