6 Smart Tips to Stay Fit for Busy Working Women

Last updated on October 16th, 2023 at 10:01 pm

When you juggle full time job (or two) it can be difficult to find time to stay fit. Here are some tips.

6 Smart Tips to Stay Fit for Busy Working Women

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In our very busy lives, it may seem difficult to squeeze in a proper workout. Your daily life probably consists of working very long hours and coming home to unwind on the couch. It’s a nice feeling to relax after work, but it can be very unhealthy after some time.

A sedentary lifestyle is mostly the one to blame for many illnesses and weight gain. A healthy life is a life where you move and take care of your body. Fortunately, you don’t have to train for hours on end to be fit. Read on to see our 6 smart tips to stay fit for busy working women.

1. Go for a walk

You probably sit at home all the time, you sit at work, you sit while commuting. A sedentary lifestyle can take a big toll on your health. Try to walk as much as you can during the day. If you are looking for a lunch spot, you can walk around the streets instead of using your car. If your workplace is in a walking distance, why not go a bit early so you can walk to work?

If you have some time left from your break, use it to walk around the office. Smartwatches are a great way to keep track of how many steps you took each day, so they will be very helpful in observing your progress.

2. Take the stairs

Besides walking, stairs are also great for staying fit and healthy. Elevators are easier of course, but taking a flight of stairs will get your blood pumping and will help you lose some calories. Going up and down the stairs can be considered a cardio workout, so you are also keeping your heart healthy and in good condition. Taking the stairs in your building while carrying groceries is also a great substitute for a workout. Start your goal with one flight of stairs and try to use more steps each day.

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3. Have a quick workout

Even if you are tired when you get home from work, you can probably set aside 5-10 minutes for a quick workout. Any type of movement will help you become fit and healthy, so a quick cardio workout will get the job done.

There are many online videos for a quick home workout, and you will surely find something to your liking. 10 minutes a day is very doable, and your body will thank you later. After some time you can make your workouts longer, but don’t push yourself too much at the start.

4. Use items around you

You don’t need to buy gym equipment for a home workout. There are many household items that you can use for your workouts. Instead of dumbbells, you can use bottles of water. Big milk bottles can be used for curls and strengthening your arms. You can do this while you are cooking or each time you take the gallon out of the fridge.

Groceries can be a great arm workout gear as the bags are usually heavy. You can do curls or raises while you are bringing in the groceries on the stair. Be creative with your workouts and equipment, but if at any time it seems dangerous, don’t do it.

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5. Ride a bicycle

Bicycles are one of the best workout equipment that you can use. They work on many different groups of muscles in your body and are overall amazing to stay in shape. You can use them for commuting to and from work as a form of cardio workout.

There are many types of bikes you can find, like sports bikes for longer routes, city bikes, and very high-quality womens bikes. Bikes are great if you want to avoid the traffic rushes in the morning and afternoon, and they allow you to enjoy your surroundings while keeping fit.

6. At-home gym

If your gym membership expires all the time and you went for a workout only once, maybe you should consider a home gym. It doesn’t have to have any fancy equipment. You can use small dumbbells while you are doing your house chores or watching TV. You don’t have to sit while you are watching something.

You can do squats, sumo-squats, push-ups, etc. There are many moments in a day where you can squeeze a workout while you are doing something else. All of these will add up and you will notice you are becoming more fit and full of energy as time goes by.


Working out and staying fit doesn’t have to take up much time out of your day. Moving is very important to be healthy, even if it’s for ten or twenty minutes a day. Don’t focus on your weight so much, as it’s more important to feel healthy, move, and eat healthy food.

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