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women laughing

Twitter Stitches: The Funniest Tweets of the Week

Welcome to this week’s edition of hilarious Tweets Twitter is always good for a laugh, even if it might be dying a slow death. We like to drop in once a week or so and find those golden Tweets that make us smile. Here are some of the Tweets we loved this week on Twitter.

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Twitter Stitches: The Funniest Tweets of This Week

Twitter is usually good for a laugh. Here are some of this week’s tweets likely to leave you in stitches. Kirby’s Super Power Suicide Kirby… #dankmemes #memes #dailymemes — Mr.Memes (@MrMemes35217305) November 16, 2018 Bet You Can’t Watch This Only Once Me giving my love then getting my heart broken #comedy #Memes —

Summer Fail Videos

Summertime Water Fails (Video)

Summer is the season of fun – and this video has tons of fun and lots of slips, trips, and falls that’ll have you laughing the whole way through.

James Veitch YouTube

James Veitch is the Scam Email Superhero We Need

Comedian James Veitch has a compelling reason why people should respond to email scammers. Yes it can have some funny results, but it also helps protect the most vulnerable people from these scumbags.

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