Illuminati Members 2017 – Not So Secret Affiliates

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Who were the top Illuminati members in 2017? Probably nobody... but if you believe in that sort of stuff, here's a good shot at who might be involved.

Founded in 1776 on May 1st by Adam Weishaupt, the Bavarian Illuminati was a secret society that embraced secularism and opposed superstition and abuses of state power. Weishaupt wanted to limit the interference of the Church in public life and based the society on the Freemasons.

Although there have been several groups to take the name of”Illuminati” this original Bavarian Illuminati is the group that is usually referred to or that other groups have claimed to be linked to. By 1800, the Bavarian ruler, Charles Theodore had outlawed all secret societies and, along with the Roman Catholic Church, vilified the group to the point that they all but disappeared.

Since then, many organizations and individuals have claimed that the Illuminati and its offshoots have thrived in the shadows and maintain control and direction over the entire world.

The list of people suspected of being Illuminati Members over the last 200 years is astounding. Today we’re looking at just a handful of the many alleged Illuminati Members 2017.


We do not assert that these allegations are true, we’re merely summarizing what others have stipulated regarding the following individuals.

Illuminati Members 2017


Donald Trump: Many folks say that the nation’s 45th President must have been an Illuminati Member to have pulled off such an upset during the election. President Trump formally entered the White House in January of 2017 after making political waves never seen before. Is his unexpected win evidence that he belonged to the Illuminati members 2017?

Barack Obama: the nation’s first black President is worth a mention as the supposed ex-Illuminati member pegged him as something “much more dangerous” than an Illuminati member. Having left the Oval Office in 2017, President Obama has been clear about his intentions to remain in politics. Is it because he’s still going to be an active force in the world?

Mitch McConnell: The Senate Majority Leader from Kentucky has been in the position longer than any other Senator in Kentucky history in spite of having the lowest approval rating of any Senator. Many theorists claim this as proof of his Illuminati membership. Is Senator McConnell part of the Illuminati members 2017?

The Clinton Family: the entire Clinton family has been thought by conspiracy theorists to be one of the major ‘bloodlines’ embroiled with the Illuminati. The family fills many important slots reserved for Illuminati members. Hillary’s loss in the 2016 Presidential elections might indicate that the Clintons have moved onto roles more behind the scenes in the Illuminati.

Other possible Illuminati members in 2017 include:

Business Leaders

Warren Buffet: touted as the head of all Illuminati operations in North America and a major benefactor from the drug trade (which is also run by the Illuminati).

Bill Gates: the founder of Microsoft and one of the world’s greatest philanthropists has also been alleged to be a member of the Illuminati.

Mark Zuckerberg: The king of the Internet, Mark Zuckerberg, has a monopoly on the amount of raw information and data on practically every human being on the planet. Even if he didn’t start off as an Illuminati member, he clearly would have been targeted by the organization to join. He is likely one of the youngest of the powerful Illuminati members 2017.

Jeff Bezos: Many people don’t realize how much data Amazon Web Services handles. It’s only real competitor is Facebook in terms of the sheer quantity of personal information that it tracks. The introduction of the Amazon Echo system which listens to its environment 24/7 has increase the amount of data being collected exponentially.


Many entertainers & celebrities are considered to be at least low level Illuminati members due to their frequent use of the Illuminati 666 hand and reference to the all-seeing eye. Many of them are thought to be rich & famous as a direct benefit of Illuminati membership. These Illuminati members supposedly perform their craft in a bid to keep the population focused on them and provide a smokescreen while the Illuminati powers can do as they wish. The Illuminati members 2017 list is impressive!

Many of these celebrities are only suspected due to certain images or hand signals they’re known to use. It’s important to note that simply throwing up a gang symbol doesn’t necessarily mean someone is a full-fledged member, it could mean they’re just a sympathizer.

Perhaps some celebrities with slipping careers do it just for the cult publicity.

Are Any of These People Really Illuminati Members?

As mentioned in our original disclaimer, most of these individuals are only suspected or have been called out by anonymous sources which cannot be verified.

The existence of the Illuminati itself is often in question. One thing is sure, it’s a topic that will never get old!

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