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gamer girl in underwear

Why do Guys Have an Obsession with Gamer Girls?

The allure of gamer girls is not just about unrealistic expectations (like gaming in their bra & panties) – but also the online chat component that allows gamer guys to talk to women they’d never have the confidence to approach in person.

Inked YouTube Channel Tattoos

The Worst Things to Say to a Tattoo Artist (Video)

For one, don’t ask for free work. Tattoo artists hate that – in fact, all artists hate that. Their work and their craft take years to perfect. But there are a handful of other things you can say that’ll set them off as well.

Woman Yoga Blue Background

Fight Depression by Staying Active

Staying active can help offset the symptoms of depression. The difficult part is that depression seeks to destroy your interest in staying active creating a snowball effect.

Stormy Daniels Twitter

Stormy Daniels is Smarter Than Her Haters Think

Many people are shocked to find out that those who work in the adult entertainment industry have actual brains. It just so happens, many smart people choose careers where their intellect isn’t front and center.

Millennial Moving Guide

Millennial Moving Tips | Infographic

Ward North Director of Client Services Kate Houston provides some tips for millennials on how to prepare for their inevitable flight from the nest.

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