Author: April Howsing

I’m an aspiring writer from Santa Monica, CA who writes about a little bit of everything. I love paranormal stuff, working out, nature, wildlife, and general humor.
gamer girl in underwear

Why do Guys Have an Obsession with Gamer Girls?

The allure of gamer girls is not just about unrealistic expectations (like gaming in their bra & panties) – but also the online chat component that allows gamer guys to talk to women they’d never have the confidence to approach in person.

Stormy Daniels Twitter

Stormy Daniels is Smarter Than Her Haters Think

Many people are shocked to find out that those who work in the adult entertainment industry have actual brains. It just so happens, many smart people choose careers where their intellect isn’t front and center.

pixabay counseling session

When Should You Seek Marriage Counseling?

Rocky times are common during the course of a marriage, but at what point do you begin talking to a professional? Odds are, it’s earlier than you think.

Health Benefits of Gaming

The Health Benefits of Gaming – Seriously!

There are multiple health benefits to gaming, assuming you’re not a full-fledged gaming addict that is. Reaction speed & mental acuity are just a couple of the things you’ll keep sharp by gaming.

pixabay no money empty pockets broke

Seeing a Psychologist Without Health Insurance

Getting any type of healthcare can be difficult if you don’t have health insurance. Mental health issues are the most difficult of all – there are, however, some ways to get care if you need it.

pixabay depression anxiety broken counseling online therapy

Your Depression Meds Stopped Working. What Now?

Depression can be a lifelong battle and as soon as you feel like you’ve gotten control of it, something changes and you feel like you’re back to square one. Sometimes that changes happens to be the effectiveness of your medication.

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