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Inked YouTube Channel Tattoos

The Worst Things to Say to a Tattoo Artist (Video)

For one, don’t ask for free work. Tattoo artists hate that – in fact, all artists hate that. Their work and their craft take years to perfect. But there are a handful of other things you can say that’ll set them off as well.

pixabay olive oil fats ketogenic keto

What is the Best “Diet Plan” For You?

If you’re one of the 45 million people who plan to diet each and every year, this is for you. Finding a diet plan that you can stick with and maintain forever is the key.

Pixabay Yoga on Beach

4 Types of Exercises for Stress Relief

Fitness writer Luke Mitchell discusses some of the best exercises that provide stress relief. His recommendations range from yoga to martial arts.

Millennial Moving Guide

Millennial Moving Tips | Infographic

Ward North Director of Client Services Kate Houston provides some tips for millennials on how to prepare for their inevitable flight from the nest.

Strip Club Etiquette | BDSC

There are rules to follow no matter where you go. The men at Black Diamond Social Club talk about what’s acceptable and what isn’t in a strip club.

pixabay counseling session

When Should You Seek Marriage Counseling?

Rocky times are common during the course of a marriage, but at what point do you begin talking to a professional? Odds are, it’s earlier than you think.

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